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The first guide dedicated to cellars of the ancestral land of wine

Uncorking the Caucasus
by Giuseppe Bellavia
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Copertina Uncorking the Caucasus

Wine tourism is now a reality and guides to discover vineyards and wineries are crowding the shelves of libraries. Although wine is produced in more than 70 countries around the world, it seems that the attention is often focused on the same destinations.
It is certainly not the case of the book Uncorking the Caucasus: First English guide to wine travel in Turkey, Armenia and Georgia, in which young authors explore the region where the oldest traces of winemaking were found. A wonderful land, with centuries old traditions and beyond the more conventional routes.
Glass after glass, Charine Tan and Matthew Horkey have summed up adventures, disappointments and discoveries throughout Turkey, Armenia and Georgia's wine producers, to prevent the reader from stumbling into improbable wines and making sure the unmissable locations are listed.
The authors established the platform Exotic Wine Travel, aimed at promoting the culture of lesser-known wines to wine lovers who are curious and open to new and unconventional wines.
The book shows that despite many of the available wines do not boast exceptional features, much progress has been made to reach high quality, thanks to careful and professional young producers who create unique wines, supported by an ample ampelographic richness. Local vines are more than 1,500 only in Turkey! Sometimes with unpronounceable names such as Okuzgozu or Kharmrahyut.
The authors have crossed the Caucasian countries and included in the travel story experiences, feelings and events without hiding the less pleasant moments. The guide is not only scientific because it also includes intimate perspectives, encounters and the history of Countries that were glorious. Very useful are the references to the best bottles found at the end of every chapter dedicated to individual States, with maps of wine regions and addresses for accommodation and restaurants.
Invaluable guide and the first of a long line, as confirmed by the authors, who decided to devote themselves full time to search for inaccessible and less frequented wine destinations around the world. In short, all that remains is to get going, maybe with wine as an excuse for discovering unique landscapes, precious and ancient cultures, where travellers are still welcomed like centuries ago and wine and food add great satisfaction to beautiful scenery.

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